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Riverside Trauma Center

The Riverside Trauma Center helps people recover from the overwhelming stress caused by traumatic events through community outreach, consultation, and counseling. We often work with first responders to these traumatic events by providing “psychological first aid”. We work with cities, towns, school systems, and private corporations faced with the emotional aftermath of tragic events such as natural disasters, homicides, terrorism, or teen suicides. We also provide educational seminars to both communities and organizations on topics which include suicide prevention, psychological trauma, and the emotional needs of returning veterans.

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Riverside Trauma Center & Walpole High School

Sarah Gaer, Suicide Prevention Specialist at Riverside Trauma Center, worked with Walpole High School students through FIRE Within, an innovative teen suicide prevention program. The students created the film “We Are Strong” to address their mental health struggles and thoughts of suicide – and the hope they’ve found. View the movie below: