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Riverside School

Does your child struggle with school routines or relationships due to mental health or learning challenges?  Then Riverside School may be right for you!

A typically structured middle or high school often isn’t the place where a student with mental health needs is able to thrive; social stress combined with the academic demands can actually deprive a student of the chance to learn and grow.

Riverside School offers a safe, warm, and welcoming alternative.  In two locations, Milford and Needham, we provide a chapter 766-approved education for students in grades 6-12 who have significant emotional difficulties, sometimes coupled with a psychiatric diagnosis.

Academic and Emotional Support

Our skilled academic and clinical professionals work in small, supportive settings where students learn to trust and feel free to take chances, preparing them to succeed in school and in life.  Our strong academic curriculum is designed around each student’s individual strengths and needs and is aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.

Equally important, the Riverside School day includes a unique group and individual therapeutic model, based on best practices in the field. With dozens of module topics and two hours a day in therapeutic groups sessions, we provide the intense emotional support that allows a student to build a strong sense of identity and confidence in their own abilities.

We help students get back on track.  Wherever they go from here – return to their public school, graduate from Riverside, transition to a less restrictive educational setting, or move on to a young adult program, they are prepared to take on life’s challenges and pursue their personal goals.

The Riverside School Experience

Please read – and watch – what our students and parents have to say:

I have a safe place to be myself, and I know at the end of the day that I am supported unconditionally.   –Sam K.

One of the greatest things about this school is that the kids really do make the program what it is. They never hesitated to find the right words to give me support and validation in our therapy groups.                  –Kathryn L.

When you see your child smile – a child who’s suffered so – it’s life-changing.     –Monica A.

The therapeutic groups cover a broad range of topics like personal symptoms to family dynamics, which helped me process different aspects of my life.     –Jesse J.

Watching my son graduate – this was a goal we had thought was unattainable.     –Nick W.

To Learn More

Riverside School’s therapeutic and academic staff work as a team with parents, counselors, and public school educators.  Please let us know if we can tell you more, answer your questions, or arrange a visit.  Just contact Erik Anderson, D.A. at eanderson@riversidecc.org or 781-247-7762.

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