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Riverside Schools

The Riverside School-Milford and Riverside School-Needham are 766-approved and specialize in children with significant emotional difficulties and/or a psychiatric diagnosis. We serve students from grades six through twelve and offer a high staff to student ratio in a small group setting, with skilled educational and clinical professionals.

Along with a strong academic component based on each student’s individual strengths and needs, the Riverside schools includes a unique group and individual therapeutic model based on best practices in the field. We are here to provide a strong foundation of life and educational skills essential for being a successful member of the community.

The Riverside School program has a proven track record of successfully helping students navigate a particularly challenging phase of their life with the goal of returning them a more traditional school setting. In the past five years:

  • Students participated in the Riverside School program for an average of 13 months.
  • 86% of students successfully moved on from the program which includes 42%  returned to a mainstream high school, 32% to a less restrictive educational environment, 11% graduated (seniors in high school), and 11% transitioned to a program for young adults.

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