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Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Trainings

Riverside Trauma Center team provides education and evidence-based suicide prevention methods, including warning signs to look for and actions to take. Our virtual and in-person workshops empower people to help those in crisis by teaching effective identification and prevention techniques on topics such as:

  • Suicide Assessment and Intervention Training for Mental Health Professionals
  • Suicide Prevention: A Gatekeeper Training for School Personnel
  • Postvention: Responding to Schools, Workplaces, and Communities Following Suicide
  • Recognizing Depression and Suicide Risk
  • Question Persuade, and Refer (QPR)
  • Unhealthy Opioid Use and Suicide Prevention

These trainings are available to communities, schools, health and human service providers, organizations, and government agencies throughout the Commonwealth.

Please note that our offerings reside in MindWise Innovation’s “Find A Training” library. MindWise is also a service of Riverside Community Care

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Suicide Screenings

We provide suicide screening to middle and high school students as requested by Massachusetts school districts. These screenings reveal indicators that certain students might be struggling with depression or considering suicide.

Suicide screenings aid in the identification of students who need help, and teach the entire school community how to recognize and respond to the potential warning signs of someone considering suicide. Riverside Trauma Center uses a curriculum developed by MindWise Innovations called SOS Signs of Suicide. The key message of the SOS curriculum is to encourage students who are worried about themselves or a friend to tell a responsible adult.

Experiencing a suicide death in a school increases that risk for other students. When we work in schools that have had a suicide death, we often find that 10-25% of students need to be seen by a clinician. After a suicide death, it’s crucial to identify whether close friends or others in the school might be at risk for attempted suicide or other risky behavior.

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The MassMen Project

The MassMen Project is a suicide prevention program, brought to you by Riverside Trauma Center, and designed to promote wellness and empower working-age men across Massachusetts to take action to feel better emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We also provide support and information for loved ones looking to help the man in their life. This program is funded by the Department of Public Health Suicide Prevention Program.

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Suicide Postvention Services

Suicide postvention involves planned interventions with people affected by a recent suicide death, in an effort to ease the grieving process, stabilize the environment, and reduce the risk of negative behaviors – most notably the risk of contagion. These interventions include grief counseling and coping groups. Riverside Trauma Center’s Postvention Guidelines for schools and organizations were approved by the federal Suicide Prevention Resource Center’s Best Practices Registry for Suicide Prevention.

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