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Diversity & Inclusion

We Make a Difference … Equally Different

At Riverside, we celebrate the richness of our diverse employees and the communities we serve. We are actively committed to building a culture of awareness and belonging, as we strive to ensure we are a welcoming, inclusive, and culturally competent organization. As we work to make a difference in people’s lives, we are dedicated to respect, equity, and the engagement of those we serve and our employees.

We’re taking these action steps on our journey to Diversity & Inclusion:

  • Listening and Learning Sessions – Facilitated by our Manager of Diversity & Inclusion, we are engaging with our employees to open the lines of communication, hear their stories, gather input, and assess the state of Diversity & Inclusion at Riverside. These sessions encourage people to reflect on their own experiences and biases, as well as provide tools and resources to help address D&I issues that come up in the workplace.
  • Ongoing Learning – Through Riverside’s virtual learning platform, we are developing and sharing online programs related to cultural competency, unconscious bias, respecting diversity, and other topics. Employees take these courses during onboarding and are encouraged to participate throughout their Riverside career.
  • Diversity & Inclusion Plan – We are formulating a long-term Diversity & Inclusion Plan that will include themes such as leadership accountability, D&I education, the formation of employee resource groups, the formation of a Diversity Council, compliance, and organizational redesign.
  • Organizational Redesign – We are assessing the current state of the organization and making appropriate changes to drive positive culture change across Riverside. Current actions include: reviewing and revising our talent acquisition process, including diversity recruitment and hiring at the senior leadership level; manager training with a focus on unconscious bias; updates to the new manager orientation; and recruiting efforts for the Board of Directors.

“We’re committed to being that model organization that demonstrates the value of Diversity & Inclusion.”

– Scott M. Bock, Founder & CEO, Riverside Community Care


“I am excited by Riverside’s level of commitment to diversity and inclusion. It demonstrates the needed support for successful identification, implementation, and sustainability of change. I am here to help the organization get to a place of cultural competence – demonstrating inclusion in our diverse organization.   My motto: follow The Platinum Rule, Treat others the way THEY want to be treated. To do this important work most effectively, I welcome anyone to contact me with questions, concerns, or recommendations.”

– Dr. Angela Crutchfield

Angela Crutchfield leads Riverside’s Diversity & Inclusion efforts. She works in close collaboration with Riverside’s leadership to foster an environment that values diversity in all aspects of our culture and operations. Angela, who joined Riverside in February 2020, holds a Doctor of Management degree in Organizational Leadership.

Angela Crutchfield, Diversity & Inclusion Manager,, (978) 989-1166