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Meeting Place provides a secure setting for children and parents to interact when there are concerns about the emotional and/or physical safety of a child or their parents during parent-child contacts. Reasons for supervised visits include domestic violence, substance abuse, parental judgment due to mental health challenges, child abuse and neglect, or due to the prolonged absence of a parent.

Prior to scheduling any visits, all parents and children are required to complete a thorough intake and orientation process and safety assessment. During visitation hours Meeting Place utilizes trained, unarmed security guards, staggered arrival and departure times for parents, and clearly defined rules and guidelines for all parties at Meeting Place.

Our Staff

All Meeting Place staff have extensive experience working with high-conflict families, child access issues, and domestic violence. Intakes are completed by our clinical staff and visits are supervised by highly trained clinicians and paraprofessionals.

Reasons to Enlist Us

• When separated, divorced, or unmarried parents have a court order for supervised visitation
• When both parents of a family — without a court order — desire these services and agree to follow program procedures
• When a family has a child placed in foster care and is referred by the Department of Children and Families for supervised visits
• When a family has a post-adoption or guardianship visitation agreement

Meeting Place Serves:

• Families with concerns about safety because of a history of domestic violence
• Children whose contact with a parent has been interrupted for a variety of reasons
• Families where parental conflict is extreme and ongoing
• Children for whom unsupervised contact with a parent may be unsafe due to a parent’s substance use, mental health, or poor judgment, or due to a history of physical or sexual abuse

To view our downloadable Meeting Place brochure, click the image below.