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Riverside’s emphasis on excellence and innovation is why we have grown to be a leader in the behavioral health field. It has earned us recognition, the respect of our peers, loyalty from our employees, and exceptional ratings from the people we serve.

Behavioral healthcare and human services are rapidly evolving. Today, government and insurers are seeking to reform healthcare by integrating care while controlling costs. Using evidence-based practices and data to inform our decisions, we have the advantage of decades of experience doing just that – always putting the person served in the lead. 

Riverside has been steeped in innovation since its inception. Here are some of our most recent initiatives:

  • Our Behavioral Health Innovation division is bringing the services of Riverside to a global audience. We are partnering with leaders in industry to form a holistic approach to addressing behavioral health – from education and prevention to crisis management – and we’re using new technology to reach these audiences.
  • Many youth with significant emotional difficulties and/or psychiatric diagnoses have difficulty completing high school. Our Riverside Schools are Chapter 766-approved schools that help these youth continue their studies while simultaneously receiving intensive services for their mental health needs.
  • In the past, organizations helping people with disabilities find jobs would approach businesses individually. Riverside’s five, state-wide regional Employment Collaboratives streamline this process and have built strong and meaningful relationships with businesses across the state, including partnerships with CVS Health, Sodexo, Big Y, Home Depot, TJX Companies, and many more.
  • The Riverside Trauma Center continues to meet and guide communities in addressing suicide prevention and psychological trauma. They will soon be using new technology to bring their expertise nationally and internationally – allowing more communities access to these lifesaving tools.
  • Riverside has developed new programs in the area of Brain Injury Services. People with brain injury require special rehabilitative services so that they can work to regain skills that they once had. We now have 15 residences for this population.

If you would like additional information on any of these new developments, please contact