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Our Culture

Welcome to Riverside Community Care!

There is a good reason that the word “community” appears in our name. We are a robust community – all working together – employees, board members, businesses, government officials, donors, providers we partner with, and the people and families who utilize our services – to help ensure the behavioral health and human service needs of each and every city or town we serve are met.

Over many years, Riverside has become an important resource in eastern and central Massachusetts (and sometimes statewide and nationally) and we take our responsibility to heart. So many people count on “the help you need close to home”. We continue to grow to meet this need. And, our leadership team is driven by a commitment to those we serve, to providing quality services, as well as to enhancing the skills and careers of our employees.

If you are not already involved with us, we hope you will decide to become part of our community. More than 1400 extraordinary people work hard every day to ensure that Riverside is an exceptional organization. Our employees come to us with tremendous energy, education, and experience. And, they are remarkably diverse – from nearly 60 countries and speaking 50 languages. We can assure you that they provide quality services to the 40,000 people we serve annually and together help to create positive change for the people and communities that count on us.

We have grown to be one of the largest and most respected not-for-profit behavioral healthcare and human service organizations in Massachusetts. The breadth of our services and our commitment to innovation has earned us national recognition, the respect of our peers, loyalty from our employees, and high ratings from the people we serve.

The world of healthcare is rapidly evolving , focusing more on integrating behavioral healthcare and human services with physical healthcare, and acknowledging that the person served must be the driver in decision making – something we at Riverside have understood and worked at for decades. Our entire community is helping to lead the way.

~Scott M. Bock, Founder and President/CEO