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Riverside Caregivers SOAR: Sustainable Opportunities for Accessing Respite

Continuous Support for Family Well-Being

We understand the challenges of caring for children with mental health needs. Caregivers show constant, unwavering dedication, and finding time for their own self-care is tough.

Riverside SOAR reaches beyond the scope of conventional respite services, offering sustainable support so families can focus on rest, renewal, and building community connections.

A Circle of Support

Supporting caregivers is central to Riverside’s work with youth and families. Although respite looks different to each family and individual, the need for continuous support and deep community connection is common to all. Our SOAR team includes health and well-being and sustainability coaches, a young adult peer mentor, and a family partner. Through coaching and working together, families build a strong and sustainable system of support:

Caregiver Support

  • Individual caregiver support plan
  • Health and well-being coaching
  • Family Partner who can relate to the caregiver’s journey
  • In-person and virtual support groups
  • Drop-in coffee hours to find support and resources

Child and Teen Support

  • Year-round Saturday Programming
  • Summer, evening, and school vacation programs
  • Coaching for transition-aged youth/emerging adults
  • Health and well-being coaching to develop self-care skills
  • Peer mentor who can relate to a youth’s experience


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