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Clubhouses & Employment Services

The Riverside Clubhouse model offers people with mental health challenges hope and opportunities to achieve their full potential through employment and recovery. Clubhouses go beyond programs or social services in that they give members the opportunity to be part of a successful, stigma-free community that is restorative while building self-esteem and dignity.

Clubhouse members are embraced for their unique and individual talents, personalities, and abilities – all which help build the unique personality of each clubhouse. We believe that each member can recover from the effects of mental health challenges. A sense of membership, support, and belonging are at the heart of the clubhouse model.

Riverside staff and Clubhouse members work side-by-side in the daily operations of their Clubhouse. Together they work to achieve the goals of providing a supportive environment where members can regain job skills, find employment, reduce hospitalizations, and develop meaningful relationships. Members can choose and pursue their individual goals at the Clubhouse.

Riverside Clubhouses Provide the Following Services:

  • Work Ordered Day – Members and staff work together to accomplish the operational activities of the Clubhouse. For many members this is the first step toward returning to paid employment.
  • Clubhouse Employment Program – Members can strengthen job skills, acquire employment, and regain confidence needed to succeed and achieve independence. Clubhouse members also have access to job opportunities through the Regional Employment Collaboratives.
  • Housing Support – Our staff can support members in finding and maintaining safe, stable, and affordable housing.
  • Dual Recovery – Our Clubhouses provide education and support to members who have an underlying substance use issue and offer Dual Recovery Anonymous meetings to help individuals learn alternative ways to manage difficulties and prevent relapse.
  • Education – Clubhouses offer a variety of educational supports to help members work toward their learning or employment goals.
  • Health & Wellness – The Clubhouses strive to offer activities and supports that promote healthy lifestyles to help individuals cope with stress and make meaningful contributions to their communities.
  • Social Opportunities – Numerous social opportunities are available both within the Clubhouse and in the community. Event costs are often subsidized by the Clubhouse. Clubhouses are also open on all holidays and every Saturday.

Learn more about our Clubhouses on their individual websites!


To view our downloadable Clubhouse brochure, click the image below.