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Riverside Shared Living-Marty and Nancy

I loved watching this story about Marty and Nancy and Riverside Shared Living.  It’s generous of them to welcome us into their home.

Our Shared Living program matches adults with developmental disabilities with welcoming individuals or families in their community for long term, in-home placement. The goal is to have the provider family integrate the individual into their home and community life. Riverside is with them every step of the way to provide support to both the individual and the provider family.

Marty is a 25 year old man with developmental disabilities whose life has been greatly improved by living with his home care provider, Nancy. Nancy welcomed him into her home and community 5 years ago. Marty has thrived living with Nancy, and now works 2 different jobs, one as a receptionist, and the other at Computer Guys in Framingham. He also volunteers in the community. Nancy and Marty’s lives have been enriched by each other’s presence and thoroughly enjoy each other’s company. View their story here.

~Scott M. Bock, Founder and President/CEO

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