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Run for Riverside in the News

When Dr. Patrick McEnaney, chair of surgery at Milford Regional Medical Center, hit the 100-mile mark on an all-day, all-night charity run that spanned 27 straight hours, he was exhilarated.  “It’s the furthest distance that I’ve ever run,” he said, “and ultimately all the hard work, and effort, and back-to-back long runs, essentially every weekend for almost a whole year, finally came to fruition.”  Patrick ran the 30-hour challenge at the annual Hamsterwheel on Nov. 7-8, at Hillsborough County Fairgrounds in New Boston, New Hampshire in support of Riverside’s mental health and suicide prevention efforts.  The run raised more than $19,000 for Riverside Community Care through his fundraising page ( which is still open.

You can read the news story here: Milford Daily News


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