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Riverside Receives CARF Accreditation

We recently completed a three day site visit from CARF, which is an international accrediting body for organizations like Riverside.  CARF has been in the accreditation business for almost 50 years and utilizes a rigorous review process with skilled surveyors.  Their three surveyors flew in from around the country and visited many programs, met people we serve, looked at records, reviewed policies and procedures, and interviewed management, staff, and our board.  I am pleased to report that all 5 of our surveys, which began in 2001, resulted in a three year accreditation, which is the maximum CARF provides.

Having an independent accrediting body evaluate Riverside is one way we demonstrate the quality of our services to the people we serve and the people who contract with us to provide care.  It also helps us ensure consistency across the organization.  Congratulations and thanks go to the dozens of people who participated in this extensive review of Riverside.

To learn more about CARF click here to visit their website.

~Scott M. Bock, President/CEO

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