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Riverside Partners to Provide Community-Based Care Management


DEDHAM, MASS. — Riverside Community Care has partnered with six health and behavioral health organizations to provide local community-based care management which will support people who are facing serious medical and behavioral health issues. Our partners in this project, called Riverside Community Partners, include: The Dimock Center, Lynn Community Health Center, Upham’s Corner Health Center, The Edinburg Center, North Suffolk Mental Health Association, and The Brookline Center for Community Mental Health.

Riverside Community Partners has been selected for contracting as one of 18 Behavioral Health Community Partners across the state to participate in the implementation of the MassHealth Accountable Care Organization program. The program is part of the state’s 1115 Medicaid waiver which supports the restructuring of the MassHealth program to provide integrated and outcomes-based care to Massachusetts residents.

“We are pleased to have been selected to participate in this innovative program with MassHealth and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Riverside Community Partners will help support individuals who are facing challenges with both their health and behavioral health” said Scott M. Bock, Founder and President/CEO of Riverside Community Care. “This contract is an investment in our capacity to provide innovative, collaborative, and community-based support. We are especially pleased to have developed a model that serves people right in their local community over a large number of communities in eastern and central Massachusetts.”

Together, the Riverside Community Partners will work closely with Accountable Care Organizations to support MassHealth members with significant behavioral health needs and other health issues or disabilities in the community.  As a Community Partner, member organizations will receive funds for care coordination activities and to support infrastructure and capacity building.

About Riverside Community Care

Each year Riverside Community Care provides more than 40,000 children, adolescents, and adults with a broad range of behavioral healthcare and human services.  We offer mental healthcare, developmental and brain injury services, youth and early childhood programs, addiction treatment, trauma response, and more.  And our work includes partnerships with local hospitals, physicians, and schools.

You can count on Riverside when you or someone you know needs help.  We take your trust seriously and work hard to make a difference by delivering compassionate, locally-based, integrated care.

We make a difference – locally, every day.


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