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Riverside, Lady Gaga, and the Born Brave Bus Tour

Covered in fan-generated artwork, the Born Brave Bus is currently headed to Boston as part of Lady Gaga’s U.S. Born This Way Ball tour. And Riverside is proud to be a part of the event!

In an effort by Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation to inspire bravery and promote self-acceptance, the bus provides an interactive “tailgate” experience that will connect youth with local resources in their communities including behavioral and mental health services, school psychologists, mentoring, volunteer opportunities and bullying and suicide prevention resources. Two of our staff, Jon Barry and Shannon Carlson, will be onsite as community resources during the “tailgate” – a big thank you to both of them!  Riverside’s involvement in this event is due to our support of the National Council for Behavioral Health which is a major sponsor of this event.

While counseling will not be provided on site, youth will be directed to local professionals who can provide services to them on an individual basis.  We’re proud to support Lady Gaga’s efforts to spotlight mental health services for the youth in our communities.

~Scott M. Bock; President/CEO

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