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New Residential Program

We are pleased to be opening our first residential program for young adults who have been diagnosed with autism.  All five individuals are graduating from residential schools in the local area and have both complex medical and behavioral issues.  These young people will greatly benefit from our ability to offer enhanced clinical supports and we’re committed to helping them live full and enriched lives in the community. The program will be located in a single family home in Reading and we are anticipating opening later this month.

Alex LeBlanc, a seasoned Riverside manager, will be supervising the program. The program will be part of our Metro North Cluster led by Sam Falaye, Senior Residential Program Director, and Renee Retzlaff, Assistant Program Director at Riverside.

The families of these 5 young adults are getting to know Riverside and we’ve planned a social gathering to get everyone together. The goal is to build rapport among these new housemates and to build a coalition of informed and supportive families.

As you can tell, we are excited about this new program!

~Loren Singer, Director of Developmental and Cognitive Services

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