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My Experience at Neponset River House

by Destiny, a member of Neponset River House

When I first had the orientation, I admit I was a bit nervous, but so happy to finally do something positive and productive in my life. Before I even knew about the Clubhouse my life was going downhill, really fast. I had no one to interact with, I felt like my life was a bottomless hole. I was no longer going to school and I had no job. I was dependent on my Mom and Sister, and it made our relationship not-so-healthy. I felt like I was an outcast, not normal, no longer Destiny.

But then something amazing happened. I finished my orientation, and was now a member, for life! As each day passed I noticed I was getting happier and happier. I still get anxiety here and there, but people here understand like no one else would. While I’m sure the Clubhouse has its flaws like everything does, so far I can only see the positives here and there are so many! I’ve only been at the Clubhouse for a few weeks now and I already feel like they know me better than the therapeutic school I was at for three years! It feels like I’ve been at the Clubhouse for many years too.

At NRH I enjoy working the snack bar so much. I love seeing people’s faces every morning. I love being a part of something, and belonging to a place that makes me so cheerful. I would love to meet new people as the days, weeks, months, years, go along.

A big thank you to the Clubhouse and everyone here! It has truly made me feel like I have a purpose!

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