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Diversity Committee

Riverside’s Diversity Committee is working to increase discussion about diversity across the organization. After considering many open discussion approaches, the committee embraced a concept called “Peacemaking Circles” as a tool to enhance our discussions.

The Peacemaking Circle is a method of communication that ensures each person involved in discussions about diversity has the opportunity to speak without interruption.  The conversation moves around the circle, honoring each participant regardless of ‘organizational’ or ‘personal’ power.  Through the circle process, each member is listened to and their contributions are valued and they have the opportunity to listen to and value others contributions.  The Circle allows for participants to relate to each other on a very human level without scrutiny.

The Diversity Committee will soon be using this method with managers and a broad group of employees across Riverside to promote dialogue about diversity and inclusion at Riverside. The goal is that participants will discover commonalities in unexpected ways and move toward a new level of understanding and acceptance of differences.  The first round of training is being offered to small group of managers.  I’m pleased we are about to launch this important project!

~Scott M. Bock, Founder/President/CEO

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