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Advocacy Works

Earlier this year we successfully won a commitment from the legislature and Governor to increase salaries for many of our lowest paid employees. Then, the state began making plans for cuts during a difficult period in which tax revenues have dropped more than expected. This salary increase was suddenly in jeopardy.

Thousands of phone calls and emails to the Governor resulted in restoration of the $20 million in Salary Reserve for those of our staff earning less than $40,000 in many state contracts.

What is particularly exciting is that this is ongoing money – a real salary increase for those who will receive it. We do not have all the details yet on what percentage the increase will be or when the money will be released, but we know it is coming.

We want to point out two important things that happened during this brief period of advocacy. First, it is again evidence that making your voice heard works. Many of our friends sent us copies of what they sent to the Governor and to legislators and we had many legislators contacting us to say they were with us.

Finally, the Senate President, Therese Murray, made the decision to push this money through. And, the Governor made the difficult decision to follow through with these funds. We truly appreciate their efforts on our behalf.

~Scott M. Bock; President/CEO



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