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25th Annual Appreciation Evening

We’re looking forward to our 25th Annual Appreciation Evening on May 9th at the Marriott Hotel. This special event recognizes the people we serve, employees, and friends of Riverside whose accomplishments reflect the power and potential of the Riverside community. Every year we celebrate with a diverse group of over 500 people.  There are always amazing stories of recovery, achievement, and compassion.

For a sneak peak, here is the story of Tom Weiser, a man with developmental disabilities who participates in our Individual Support program, part of our Developmental and Cognitive Service division. “Tom’s journey in our Individual Support Program goes from throwing shoes to throwing parties!

Tom started with our Individual Support program when he first moved into his new apartment in Newton, after having lived with his family all of his life. Initially he was having a hard time adjusting and isolated himself in his apartment. Tom was reluctant to interact with his staff and routinely told them to “go home,” cursed at them, or even tossed a shoe to let them know their presence wasn’t welcome.

Tom eventually warmed up to staff but was still hesitant to participate in activities with his peers.  After three years of staff encouraging him to attend events, he agreed to go to a WWE World Wrestling event with his Riverside peers. Step by step he became more and more open to social activities. Tom then decided to attend a day program where he has made many friends and is currently “courting” several ladies. He’s become an integral part of the men’s group where his sense of humor and sports trivia entertains his friends. Tom even recently opened up his apartment to his friends and threw a great party!

Tom overcame his fears and in turn became a self-reliant, social, young man.”

Our Annual Appreciation Evening recognizes individuals like Tom for their progress and achievements, and is a great way to celebrate all of the Riverside community.

~Scott M. Bock, Founder and President/CEO

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