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Can I Really Do This?  Yes You Can!: Maintaining Recovery During Coronavirus

In this Q& A conversation between Michael Leslie, Recovery Support Navigator at Riverside Community Care, and Joseph Shrand, Chief Medical Officer, they discuss how individuals can continue on their path to wellness and even grow stronger from the challenges we are facing.

They discuss:

  • The best way to manage the increase in feelings of anxiety and stress.
  • How to build and maintain structure.
  • How to feel connected to others and develop a sense of purpose during these times.
  • How to formulate a path to help maintain recovery.
  • The importance of acknowledging your own value and the value of others.

Michael Leslie is a Recovery Support Navigator at Riverside Community Care’s Connect2Recovery Program. He has worked in the social work/public health field for the past 15 years – working in multiple capacities in the treatment field. Mike is currently pursuing a master’s degree in social work, and is proudly a person in long-term recovery from substance use disorder.

Joseph Shrand is Riverside’s Chief Medical Officer. He is Board Certified in adult psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, and addiction medicine. Joe is dedicated to helping the people Riverside serves receive the best care possible in a supportive environment. He is the founder of Drug Story Theater, has published award-winning books, writes blogs for Psychology Today, and can be heard on his weekly radio show.

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