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Community Living Services

Adult Community Clinical Services (ACCS)

Our Adult Community Clinical Services (ACCS) program provides individuals living with a mental illness an array of service options to help them develop skills and gain resources for a successful life in their community. We collaborate with individuals using this program, as well as their support system, to create treatment plans that promote resiliency and recovery. Individuals will have a comprehensive, integrated team of clinical and peer professional supports, who will help the individual identify personal goals, create a plan, connect with supports, obtain independent housing, provide addiction treatment support, prepare for employment and education, and more. The primary team, consisting of a Clinician and a Peer Support Staff, will be the main connection with the larger Integrated Team, which may also include: Counselor, Nurse, Housing Coordinator, Employment and Education Specialist, Dual Recovery Specialist, Recovery Coach, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist, and Family Partner. Services are provided individually and in groups, with supports available 24 hours a day, as needed.

Program of Assertive Community Treatment (PACT)

The Riverside Program of Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) provides an array of clinical, rehabilitative, and recovery-oriented services for adults with challenging and persistent problems related to psychiatric illnesses, who have not responded to more traditional services.  Our community-based team of professionals and peer mentors support the PACT member’s personal recovery journey. The services are provided as needed in a community setting and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. PACT provides mental health and substance use interventions as well as linking members to community-based, self-help resources and providing direct rehabilitation, vocational, and housing related services.

Individuals must be referred by the Department of Mental Health to be eligible for these programs.