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Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc and Riverside didn’t miss a beat. More than half of our employees work in 24 hour services and the rest of our staff come in to ensure that the people we serve receive the support they need. Like many people and businesses, we lost power at a few of our sites. Our facilities staff and our technology staff were prepared for problem… read more >



The Riverside community has been a powerful voice for human services and healthcare for decades. Its part of the culture of the organization and many of us have spent days at the State House working to educate legislators and governors about the needs of the people we serve as well as the value of our services. As major elections at the Federal, State and loca… read more >


My First Blog

So, my first blog comes on the anniversary of my 30th year in my role at Riverside.  We couldn’t even imagine blogging back in those early years.  We were using typewriters when I got my start.  With only six employees, we all were busy painting walls, counseling, and answering phones.   We did whatever we had to do to keep providing services in one small … read more >