Services for Communities

Services for Communities

Services for Communities - Riverside Community Care

We are here to make a difference in the 70 Massachusetts cities and towns that Riverside serves.  As a result, we have developed a range of prevention, consultation, training, support, and treatment services that work on a large scale in school systems, cities, towns, and private corporations.  We frequently support those affected by a tragedy, such as homicides, teen suicides, and natural disasters.  We also help to bring together community members to address issues ranging from domestic violence to lack of employment opportunities for people with disabilities.  We welcome the opportunity to continue the development of these much needed programs and trainings throughout the state.

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We are pleased to share comments from the people we serve:

"I am a single mother of two children ages 10 and 9. Both children have very challenging disabilities that are a daily struggle both at home and at school; coupled with behavioral issues which makes the simplest tasks complicated. The staff at Riverside are phenomenal! They have been my 'rock' on many occasions and without them I would be completely and utterly lost."