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Collaborative Care Management

Collaborative Care Management - Riverside Community Care

Collaborative Care Management is comprised of three separate programs; Community Support Program (CSP), Behavioral Health Community Partners (BH CP), and Here-for-You (HFY).

Community Support Program

Our Community Support Program (CSP) is typically short-term and supports individuals being discharged from a psychiatric hospitalization or detox, or who are at risk of repeated psychiatric hospitalizations. Staff can provide day-to-day check-ins in the community, help with daily living skills, transportation, and coordination with other providers including medical care.

Our Community Support Programs are for those with MassHealth Managed Care Plans.  To submit a referral, please complete this form: CSP Referral Form

Behavioral Health Community Partners (BH CP)
Riverside Team

More information coming soon – this program begins on July 1.


The goal of Here-for-You is to improve the behavioral and medical health outcomes of approved Neighborhood Health Plan members while reducing emergency room and acute hospital admissions. This program focuses on integrative health services by improving the communication and coordination between behavioral and physical health care providers to ensure patients’ care needs are better served as they transition between different level of needs.

To learn more: Collaborative Care Management

We are pleased to share comments from the people we serve:

"I feel that I've made more progress in working with this program than any other." -- Anne