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Behavioral Treatment Services

Behavioral Treatment Services - Riverside Community Care

This mobile resource and treatment team offers consultation to individuals with developmental or cognitive disabilities and acquired or traumatic brain injuries, some of whom may also have a diagnosis of mental illness.  Our clinical staff provides assessment, therapy, and medication services to adolescents and adults. Additionally, we offer support and crisis intervention caregivers and providers. Our mobile team covers a wide area in the suburbs south and west of Boston and is focused on providing environmental consultations, which can include an individual’s home, a nursing care facility, or other community location.

Individuals must be referred by the Department of Developmental Services to be eligible for this program.

We are pleased to share comments from the people we serve:

"When my daughter needed help, I made up my mind that I would take her anywhere in the world: to any doctor, at anytime, and in any place. She got the help right here - the best help she ever got was at Riverside."