b'DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION VISIOND&I Vision We aspire to be the organization of choice for our employees by ensuring we are a culturally competent community reflecting a diverse leadership team and staff who bring their unique talents, experiences and diversity of thought to most effectively meet the needs of the diverse people we serve.We will achieve an optimal service and work environment by aligning diversity and inclusion goals to our strategic priorities, through effective employee engagement, and demonstration of organizational agility.D&I MissionIt is our mission to build a culturally competent community by establishing a diverse and inclusive environment of civility and respect through:Leadership participation that demonstrates understanding and commitment to being champions of change and cultural competency; Educational programming that validates the importance of valuing differences and respect of other cultures through customized professional development; Employee engagement to assess, evaluate, and hear the voices of all, and respond to the identified staff needs;Employee resource groups linked by a shared purpose to foster an inclusive, engaged, and empowered environment, and to create a formal platform to further advance specific diversity initiatives;Collaboration with all divisions to ensure alignment with diversity initiatives;Alignment and partnership with local, regional, and national organizations through event sponsorship and participation in community efforts for positive culture change; Compliance and investigations leveraging a comprehensive approach that is sound, unbiased, and in conformity with organizational policy, as well as state and federal law (ADA, Title VII, ADEA, etc.); and Annual organizational-assessments of set goals and leverage existing external benchmarking that measure effectiveness and afford opportunity for local and national recognition.9'