b'THE DEFINITIONS: DIVERSITY AND INCLUSIONThough diversity and inclusion are often discussed together, it is important to understand the difference. Diversity typically refers to the composition of groups in an organizational setting; e.g., hiring diverse individuals to leverage different viewpoints. Inclusion is an individual mindset and practice of including others; e.g., making it easy to onboard new team members because each member on the team is inclusive. Diversity Inclusion Diversity and InclusionEverything that makesThe practice of leveragingTogether, diversity and you who you arediverse perspectives,inclusion are strategic and what makes youbackgrounds, skills, andbusiness imperatives different from someonetalents to allow eachthat are part of who we else, to include: race,employee to feel valuedare as an organization gender, religion, ability,and able to contributeand how we do business, age, sexual orientation,to their full potential inallowing us to leverage background, education,achieving the mission ofthe diversity of our staff experiences, talents,the agency to achieve the agencys skills, and much more missionUnderstanding these foundational terms and how they are used at Riverside is critical to creating a culturally competent organization, one that can provide the highest-quality care for the diverse communities that it servesexemplifying respectful, compassionate, and cohesive care with each relationship.8'