b'TABLE OF CONTENTSMessage from Marsha Medalie, CEO .3Message from the Board of Directors .4Introduction from the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion .5Diversity and Inclusion Past Accomplishments 6The Definitions: Diversity and Inclusion 8Diversity and Inclusion Vision.9D&I Vision 9D&I Mission 9The Business Case (Whats our why?) 10Aligning Strategies:Riverside Strategic Plan and D&I Strategy .11Riversides 3-Year Strategic Plan 11Alignment to Diversity and Inclusion:.11Diversity and Inclusion 5-Year Goals 11D&I Strategy Map 12Descriptors for 2020-2025 Strategic Goals for Diversity and Inclusion .13GOAL 1: LEADERSHIP AND WORKFORCE DIVERSITY 13GOAL 2: CLIENT CARE DIVERSITY 14GOAL 3: LEADERSHIP AND STAFF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT 15GOAL 4: EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT 16GOAL 5: LEADERSHIP ACCOUNTABLILITY .17D&I Learning Workshops 2020-2025 .18Workshop Descriptions .18Workshops for Leaders: (All Senior Leaders and Managers) 18Workshops for all Staff: (Including Managers) .19Timeline .21Conclusion .22Important Contacts 232'