b'DESCRIPTORS FOR 2020-2025 STRATEGIC GOALS FOR DIVERSITY AND INCLUSIONTo achieve its vision for diversity and inclusion and meet the deliverables of the D&I focus areas, Riverside seeks to realize the following five key interrelated goals. This section elaborates on these goals and the major strategies and initiatives to support them.GOAL 1: LEADERSHIP AND WORKFORCE DIVERSITYSustain a skilled, highly engaged, and diverse workforce at all levels,including leadership and Board of DirectorsBuilding a high-performing workforce drawn from all segments of society requires strategic outreach, broad recruitment, and intentional, proactive efforts to ensure opportunities for success are available to all employees.1a.Leadership commitment: Engage and train leadership in understanding and implementing sustainable diversity and inclusion strategies1)Develop and promote an organizational business case for workforce diversity and inclusion2) Communicate to the workforce the organizational commitment to diversity and inclusion3) Improve diversity and inclusion analytics and reporting4)Hold leadership accountable for implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives through performance evaluations5)Develop diversity and inclusion competencies in leadership1b. Inclusive talent acquisition: Conduct inclusive recruitment and selection practices1)Develop recruitment processes, tools, and technology that reach and attract diverse and highly qualified talent for Board members, leadership, and staff2)Ensure, to the extent possible, diverse interview panels for all vacancies3)Ensure interviews are conducted using consistent, structured, and objective criteria and processes4)Provide resources to help managers recognize and mitigate unconscious bias and other discriminatory practice in all hiring processes13'