b'2a.Management Expectations: Leaders and managers across all divisions held accountable for sustaining an environment of respect within each division and reaching a diverse client population1)In partnership with the Marketing Team, develop and promote Riverside services to communities that reflect an inclusive environment 2)Establish clear guidelines for staff professional development and commitment to providing unbiased service to all people we serve reflecting an environment of mutual respect and cultural sensitivity2b.External Influence: Senior leadership commits to dialogue and demonstrating efforts to influence change with external governmental agencies.1)Provide feeder agencies and affiliated organizations information about Riverside diversity and inclusion strategies and client expectations, describing unacceptable behaviors and possible outcomesGOAL 3: LEADERSHIP AND STAFF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTEnsure leadership and staff professional development by increasingknowledge and skill sets to help leaders and staff grow in theirawareness and commitment to diversity and inclusion. Building a high-performing workforce and leadership team requires a focus on engagement and professional development. This goal is intended to increase commitment to development opportunities that are made available to staff in a fair and equitable manner. The organization is committed to delivery of learning programs to support leadership accountability for sustainability of a diverse and inclusive environment and employee development3a.Leadership commitment: Engage and train leadership in understanding and implementing sustainable diversity and inclusion strategies1)Develop and promote an organization business case for workforce diversity and inclusion2)Design a leadership model that Riverside expects all Board Members, Leadership members, and managers to adhere to.3) Engage the Leadership Team in an annual D&I workshop.4)Increase virtual training offerings to ensure there are more opportunities for training and travel to Dedham is not always needed.15'