b'Workshops for Staff(Including Managers)Understanding the Dimensions of DiversityThis workshop is for all Riverside employees. The purpose of this workshop is to provide a review of the various dimensions of diversity and how to more effectively value and respect differences that make us who we are. The session provides opportunity for perspective building that is considerate of the many differences present in the workplace. Participants will also learn techniques for personal resilience during times of change as people learn to demonstrate support and value for all employees while others rebound from their negative experiences of exclusion. Goals/Outcomes: Know the dimensions of diversity Know the primary non-discrimination laws Increase awareness of the racial divide Identify the 5 Generations in the workplace Gain a better understanding of LGBTQ+ Community Formulate new ideas change and personal resilience Valuing DifferencesManaging ones work relationships is the key to success in any work environment. In order to work most effectively with others, individuals should assess when and how to give and receive feedback. In addition, one needs to be aware of and sensitive towards interpersonal communication styles, and individual differences. As each person learns to develop your own ways to build trust among our co-workers, you should learn to demonstrate integrity in the workplace. Using a variety of interactive learning activities and role-plays while furthering what we have learned in other workshops to better understand different communication styles and how to approach, respond to, and collaborate with each of these different types, we will work to formulate new ideas for building collaboration and fostering teamwork in the workplace. From this we will learn to identify ways for managing negativity and dealing with difficult persons in the workplace. This session is designed to provide practical tools for employees at all levels.Goals / Outcomes: Assess when and how to give and receive feedbackUnderstand the role of interpersonal communication and demonstrating sensitivity to individual differences19'