b'D&I STRATEGY MAPThe five goals will be accomplished over the next five years following our D&I Model and engagement of Leadership Subcommittees for oversight of each goal. Our map for creating a culturally competent organization reflects accountability, education, and engagement. Accountability: Leadership and Board action and accountability will ensure alignment of leadership goals and actions to reflect accountability. Education: D&I education will include workshops and discussion forums for managers and staff to increase awareness and understanding. Engagement: We will increase engagement of employees and people we serve by with diversity surveys, Employee Resource Groups, and the implementation of Hate Has No Home across the organization.Diversity and Inclusion ModelOur Map for Creating a Culturally Competent OrganizationAccountability Education EngagementLeadership Actions Board Engagement Managers Employees People Served EmployeeBusiness Case Organization-WideManager FYIFace to Face, Live Online, LMS Trainings People We ServeD&I Surveyfor DiversityMeetings (Diversity MomentCultural Support(Annual Retreat) Feature Story) Customized WorkshopsDiscussion Forums Hate Has No Home Employee Resource One-on-OneExecutive Board BriefingsGroupsCoaching Diversity (Annually)(As Needed) Leadership Team Team Building Workshops Cultural Themed EventsDiversity GoalsDivision/Depart- Diversity(Senior Leaders) ment Consultations Champions Diversity Council (ERG Leaders)Supporting FactorsSynergy Across DepartmentsMeasure Compliance and Local/National(HR, QM, Marketing) Effectiveness Investigations Involvement12'