b'5)Involve managers and supervisors in targeted outreach and other recruitment activities6) Develop a proactive and robust disability hiring program 7) Ensure recruitment outreach is extended to all areas of consideration, locally and nationally, to expand the ability to create a diverse workforce1c.Access to opportunities: Provide all employees with equal access to professional development and advancement opportunities1) I dentify and address any barriers that inhibit inclusion in development opportunities2) Maintain inclusive mentoring program with diverse participants3) Ensure fair access to training and development4)Implement individual development plans for every employee in alignment to performance reviews and goal setting. 5) Develop transparent detailed program and increase awareness of opportunities1d.Retention: Identify and address barriers that could lead to lower retention of under-represented groups1) Assess factors leading to employees decision to leave or stay at Riverside 2)Identify and address barriers that lead to higher than average attrition rates of under-represented groups1e. Leadership diversity: Build and sustain a diverse leadership team1) Build and maintain a sustainable and diverse leadership pipeline2)Identify and implement best practices for succession planning of mission-critical positions.GOAL 2: DIVERSITY & INCLUSION OF PEOPLE WE SERVEIncrease focus on understanding the diverse needs of people we serve anddemonstration of commitment to expected actions as outlined in Hate Has NoHome, the Mutual Respect Policy, and laws that make discrimination unlawful. We must demonstrate appropriate levels of support for all people we serve, respecting their various cultural backgrounds and communities. In addition, unacceptable behaviors towards staff are immediately addressed in support of all Riverside employees.14'