b'GOAL 5: LEADERSHIP ACCOUNTABLILITY Demonstrate full engagement, support, and action forcontinuous commitment to ensuring a diverse and inclusive organization.The leadership team is charged with the responsibility of providing continuous leadership and staff development through self-awareness, educational opportunities, open communication, coaching, competency development, goal setting and ongoing support of D&I goals.5a. Establish Management Practice Standards 1)Respect for the Individual: We recognize and value the contributions of every staff member at Riverside.2) Create a community that celebrates diversity: Events, communication, and acknowledgment of the many dimensions of diversity across Riverside.5b.Required participation in Leadership Development and participation in Learning Programs5c.Identify D&I Management CompetenciesEstablish standards for all managers and leaders5d.Manager/Employee Relations: Set clear expectations for behavior and performance modification for all levels 1) More frequent performance check-ins at all levels aligned to annual reviews2) Identify acceptable/unacceptable behavior in the organization5e.Goal Setting: Formalization of a requirement for division leaders to include diversity and inclusion initiatives as part of the goal setting process and performance review1)A formal mechanism will be developed for division leaders to include diversity and inclusion into the goal setting and performance appraisal process5f.Communication: Expand the communication of diversity initiatives beyond blogs/emails through a formal and comprehensive diversity communications plan, inclusive of a stronger social media presence, videos, recruitment collateral, course descriptions, etc.5g. Annual Diversity Summit for full leadership team17'