b'Develop ways to build trust among co-workers and demonstrate integrity in the workplaceList communication styles and how to approach, respond, and collaborate with each otherFormulate new ideas for building collaboration and fostering teamwork in the workplaceIdentify ways for managing negativity and dealing with difficult persons in the workplaceReinvent our Diverse Workplace for the FutureThis workshop combines experiential exercises, lecture outlining the latest thinking in diversity education, and group dialogue to explore how interaction and communication shapes the way we work together as we reinvent our workplace and leverage diversity for the future. Participants will identify ways to evoke the Platinum Rule (treat others the way they want to be treated) in the workplace.Goals/Outcomes:Understand the challenges and opportunities of working with diverse employees and serving diverse clients.Explore the many dimensions of diversity and appreciate how these serve as filtersand shape our behaviors and expectations of each other. Examine personal biases and learn techniques for managing these when dealingwith others.Understand foundational communication techniques to improve interactions with others Identify ways for consider others in the workplace20'