b'DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION PAST ACCOMPLISHMENTSSince our founding, Riverside has aimed to be an organization committed to diversity and inclusion. We pride ourselves in fully addressing concerns as they arise and holding all members of our community to the standards of mutual respect. We have worked to grow and professionalize our Diversity & Inclusion efforts. We have tried to address issues as they arise while finding our way to the best possible solutions to create an inclusive environment. We have been on a journey with the ultimate goal of creating long-term, sustainable change.A list of past Diversity and Inclusion accomplishments is listed below:Initiative DetailsHate Has No Home3 Established a Hate Has No Home Here campaign in 2019.Here 3The program was designed to address disrespectful and hateful language and behaviors demonstrated by clients and family members of clients towards our employees.3 Program was piloted by the CLS division in 2019 and rolled out to the Riverside community in 2020.Pronoun Signature3 Addressed a concern around people not respecting Line the pronouns of all employees by updating the Mutual Respect & Responsibility Statement and changing our marketing policy.3Marketing policy was changed to incorporate the use of pronouns in the email signature lines for employees.Diversity3 Created a Diversity & Inclusion Committee in 2005.Committee 3The Diversity & Inclusion Committee sponsored Peace Making Circle trainings for all managers in Riverside3Plan created to transform from a committee-based model to an Employee Resource Group model.6'