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The Riverside School – Milford Opens

We’re pleased to announce the opening of the Riverside School – Milford!

The Riverside School – Milford is an innovative program that meets the needs of students with significant mental health issues. These are kids that require a small, specialized, supportive educational environment with clinical staff who understand them and can help them manage their symptoms and learn new ways to cope.

We opened our first Riverside School in Needham five years ago with the goals of helping kids remain at home in their own communities and avoiding losing ground in school. Additionally, we are helping them avoid residential placement or hospitalization. Our goal is to help them return to their own school.

The results have been incredibly successful with 67% of our students returning to a public school program, 19% moving on to a less intensive 766 Approved school program, and 12% graduating directly from our Riverside School. So, now we’ve expanded this program to Milford and the surrounding communities.

Riverside School in Milford Classroom

A classroom at the Riverside School in Milford.

The school is meeting its mission – providing students with a therapeutic environment that supports academic achievement and personal growth, with close collaboration with their families. To learn more, please call 508-422-9250 or visit us during our open house on Tuesday, May 16 from 3:30-5:30pm.

~Scott M. Bock, Founder and President/CEO

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