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Riverside School – Needham

Riverside School – Needham - Riverside Community Care

The Riverside School – Needham is 766 approved and specializes in children with significant emotional difficulties and/or a psychiatric diagnosis. We serve students from grades six through twelve and offer a high staff to student ratio in a small group setting, with skilled educational and clinical professionals. Along with a strong academic component based on each student’s individual strengths and needs, the Riverside School – Needham includes a unique group and individual therapeutic model based on best practices in the field. We are here to provide a strong foundation of life and educational skills essential for being a successful member of the community.

Riverside School-Needham Calendar 2016-2017

Riverside School Bullying Prevention Plan

Riverside School-Needham Parent Handbook

We are pleased to share comments from the people we serve:

"The staff is incredible, supportive, helpful and caring. The Children With Voices program saved my life."