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Riverside Expands Behavioral Health Crisis Stabilization Capacity

In a targeted expansion that adds much-needed voluntary overnight accommodations for adults in a behavioral health crisis, Riverside Community Care has opened new facilities close to our Community Behavioral Health Centers (CBHCs) and Outpatient Centers in Norwood and Milford.

Previously, Riverside’s Community Crisis Stabilization (CCS) and Respite programs accommodated 21 people in total. Now, Riverside has separate CCS and Respite programs in Norwood that house 16 people (6 CCS and 10 Respite), plus a new state-of-the-art building in Upton that serves 15 people (6 CCS and 9 Respite) – an overall increase of 10 beds.

CCS programs are staffed 24/7 by psychiatric providers, counselors, behavioral health clinicians, nurses, and certified peer specialists. People receive treatment planning, case management, medication evaluation and management, peer support, and recovery-focused groups, with a typical stay of around five days. The Respite programs generally provide longer-term clinical and rehabilitative services to help someone ready to transition or return to independent or group living in the community.

These accommodations help address the alarming rise in mental health and substance use crises within our communities and mitigate the stress on people in crisis as well as on hospital emergency departments. Following an urgent or emergency intervention, someone in crisis will often stabilize far more quickly and easily when they can remain close to home. These comfortable overnight accommodations can take the place of inpatient psychiatric hospitalization whenever possible and clinically appropriate. In addition to bedrooms, the buildings have modern, well-stocked kitchens and bathrooms, comfortable living rooms, and laundry facilities.

Access to Community Crisis Stabilization is by referral through Mobile Crisis Intervention – an immediate response service that Riverside has long provided to adults and youth who are experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis and now operates as part of Riverside’s two CBHCs. MCI teams evaluate an individual’s current state, create a safety plan, and connect them to additional services, including CCS, if necessary. Respite Care referrals are managed through the Department of Mental Health (DMH).

To serve youth aged 13-18 following a crisis intervention, we are partnering with The Home for Little Wanderers to launch a new Youth Community Crisis Stabilization (YCCS) program in Walpole, Mass, which will open in fall 2023.

To learn more about Community Crisis Stabilization and Respite visit:


Crisis Stabilization

The modern kitchen in the Norwood CCS facility helps create a comfortable stay.


Crisis Stabilization

A bedroom in the Norwood CCS facility


Crisis Stabilization

The dining area of the Upton CCS/Respite facility


Crisis Stabilization

The group room of the Upton CCS/Respite facility


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