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Volunteers Needed for Riverside’s Human Rights Committee

Ensuring the Rights of the People We Serve

At Riverside we pride ourselves on ensuring the rights of the people we serve. We do this through multiple channels, but some of the most important efforts are made through our Human Rights Committee which is supported by our Quality Management team.  Our volunteer-based Human Rights Committee is an opportunity for unbiased people to review and critique our procedures, policies, and physical plants. This group also allows for an outside perspective to determine if our practices are the best they can be.

Our Human Rights Committee meets four times a year. They also visit all our sites and programs at least once a year. Our members review policies, procedures, site visit results, and any incidents that may have occurred. All this is required to ensure there are no human rights concerns and that any behavior plans are as least restrictive as possible.

Who can Volunteer?

Anyone (not employed by Riverside) can serve on Riverside’s Human Rights Committee. Backgrounds vary, but we must have one legal professional, a mental healthcare professional, health professional, community members, family members of people served, and people served by Riverside. Having a diverse range of professions and members provides a broad perspective on human rights issues. It ensures that we are protecting all aspects of those we provide services for.

Our Human Rights Committee is always looking for volunteers. Currently we are actively seeking a lawyer or paralegal and a medical professional to join us. This is an opportunity to be part of a caring and passionate group of individuals where you can see and make concrete change happen. Anyone who cares about the field of mental health and has a passion for improving the lives of all people will find this opportunity to be not only rewarding, but fun and engaging as well.

For more Information

To get involved with our Human Rights Committee, or for more information, please contact:


~Scott M. Bock, Founder and President/CEO

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