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Neponset River House Aces Accreditation

Written by Marisol M., a member of Neponset River House, a Riverside Clubhouse in Norwood

Clubhouse accreditation is a very important process of gaining and maintaining official recognition from Clubhouse International as a Clubhouse that uses the thirty-seven Clubhouse Standards as significant guides for daily operation and culture. The benefits of being “accredited” are both direct and indirect, and Neponset River House has long been dedicated to maintaining this status. Re-accreditation typically occurs every three years and this past November, Neponset River House received its visitors from the Clubhouse International Faculty to execute the process.

The accreditation process lasted three days, during which our Clubhouse was closely observed and monitored to see if we were following standards which are like a constitution for Clubhouses around the world. The two faculty members performing our accreditation were Carrie and Bob. Carrie was from Bangor, Maine, while Bob was from a Clubhouse in Rhode Island. While the two of them were at NRH, they engaged in the work-ordered day by attending meetings, looking at housing and transitional employment sites, and even participating in the running of the snack bar.

Our Clubhouse works very hard to engage its members in trying new tasks, and I believe that the accreditors were truly able to see how seriously we take the standards and our program. Bob and Carrie attended our unit meetings and stayed very involved. It was a pleasure having them here. It was also a great opportunity to fine-tune some parts of our Clubhouse that we wouldn’t necessarily have noticed otherwise. And of course, it was great to show off how awesome Neponset River House is! In my opinion we knocked this accreditation out of the ballpark.  And I was right! Our Clubhouse received a three-year accreditation, which is the highest level you can get. We were very honored to go through this process and have our Clubhouse accredited.

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