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Supporting the Community and Each Other

This past weekend’s violence in Charlottesville, Virginia is a shocking reminder of how important it is that we work together as a caring community. Groups like the Klan and Neo-Nazis prey on our families, friends, neighbors, and the people we serve. These groups have absolutely no tolerance for differences. And, while they are only a small part of the population, they appear to have become emboldened in the past year. Their intolerance and bigotry is unacceptable and we have a role to play.

Riverside is a remarkably diverse organization and becoming more so intentionally every day. We also serve thousands of people of color, people from other countries, the LGBTQA community, people of different faiths, and of course, people with many different disabilities.

At this time, we want to encourage you to redouble your support for our Riverside community and the larger community. It’s as simple as making sure we stand up for one another and letting each other know we are here to help. Of course, making sure your voice is heard through emails and letters, attending rallies and events are also valuable ways to ensure that the growing anger at differences does not continue to grow unabated.

The work you do here at Riverside is a testament to your commitment to community and diversity.  As always, we sincerely appreciate your great work.

~Scott M. Bock, Founder and President/CEO

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