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Support for the City of Newton

In the wake of the heartbreaking suicides of three Newton teenagers, the City of Newton has turned to experts at the Riverside Trauma Center to help students, parents, and community members cope with these tragic losses. Riverside clinicians, highly trained in trauma response and suicide prevention, are providing counseling services, performing suicide prevention screenings, and holding suicide prevention trainings for both school and community members. Dr. Larry Berkowitz, director of the Riverside Trauma Center, is consulting to city and school officials about “best practice” strategies for responding to this challenging situation and to ensure that messages about suicide prevention are delivered in a safe and effective manner. Riverside Trauma Center clinicians have also recently been available for drop-in groups at the Newton high schools to speak with anyone in need and to provide support and information for students, staff, and parents.  I’m glad we’ve been able to provide support to the Newton community as they move forward.

~Scott M. Bock, President/CEO

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