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Snow Storm

Despite the fact that it’s sunny today and above freezing, I feel compelled to share what occurs at Riverside during a snowstorm. Last week’s storm dumped over 2 feet and with the 24/7 nature of our programs, staff need to be available to assist individuals around the clock, regardless of the weather. The people we serve need evaluations in their home or emergency room, we have to staff our group homes, and make sure payroll gets done.  Basically, a driving ban doesn’t mean much to us.

In advance of the storm, staff arrived prepared to stay for extended periods of time as the weather forecast got worse and worse.  Most came with bags packed for the night and nearly everyone ended up working in excess of 24 hours.  For example, in our Developmental and Cognitive Disabilities Division (DCD), many of our staff left their own families behind to ensure that the people we support were well cared for.  Staff cooked delicious meals, played board games, and generally created a fun blizzard adventure for those in the DCD residential programs.

A huge THANK YOU is in order for all those staff who made the recent blizzard more than tolerable for those they support.  Your dedication is gratefully acknowledged.   And of course, a thank you to our facilities guys, who ended up with one hotel room less than they thought – and had to draw straws for who slept on the floor.  They somehow managed to dig out cars, plow lots, and generally keep us going.  Thank you!

~Scott M. Bock, President/CEO

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