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Giving Telehealth a Try

Written by Joseph Shrand, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Riverside Community Care

One of my patients is a boy with autism and significant speech delay.  His mom has already seen him losing some of his abilities since schools closed due to the Coronavirus.  She was reluctant to do telehealth, anxious she would not be able to use the technology.  During our session on the phone, I told her I would text her the link to, and she should just give it a try.  Within a few minutes, I was in their living room, my patient thrilled and excited to see me on his mom’s cell phone.

After checking in, I taught him and his mom some basic theater vocal techniques so he could practice his articulations, and made it into a new game for the two of them to play.  At our next session, he is going to show me how he has done.

These are stressful times, but I have always found that one of the best ways to relieve your own stress is to help relieve the stress of others.  This is who we are.

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