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The Guidance Center Name Transitioning to Riverside Community Care

As we continue to grow as an organization we are going to be transitioning The Guidance Center – A Service of Riverside Community Care name to Riverside Community Care. Only our name is changing; the high-quality, innovative services and our wonderful staff remain the same! We are committed to helping children and families continue to grow and thrive and are continuing to develop and open new programs in your community. We are committed to helping children and families grow and thrive as we continue to develop new programs in your community.

As of March 30, our programs in Cambridge and Somerville (5 Sacramento Street, 12 Tyler Street, and 111 South Street) are making the full transition to the name Riverside Community Care.

When The Guidance Center and Riverside came together nine years ago, we continued using The Guidance Center name, recognizing the tremendous value it has in the community. Originally, The Guidance Center programs comprised of our child and family services in Cambridge, Somerville, and the surrounding area. As Riverside continues to expand our services in these communities we have made the decision for all of our programs to live under the same name.

We wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of to the services we offer in Cambridge, Somerville, and the surrounding area, as well as provide contact information for each program for your reference. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our programs directly if you’d like to receive more information or materials for your own use and distribution.

Early Childhood Services
• Early Intervention & Early Intervention Partnerships Program: Lee King | 617-629-3919
• In-Home Therapy Preschool Team: Kate Hannapel | 617-284-5131
• Early Head Start: Nancy Fredericks | 617-629-6652
• Early Years Project: Elizabeth Feigenbaum | 617-702-5792
Child & Adolescent Services
• Outpatient Services: Ranjeev Benjamin | 617-354-2275
• Family After School Program: Kerry Hill | 617-354-2275
Home Based Services
• Intensive Family Services: Samantha Poutas | 617-629-3919
• In-Home Family Therapy: Bowie Johnson | 617-284-5131
• Therapeutic Mentoring: Bowie Johnson | 617-284-5131
Domestic Violence Services
• Children With Voices: Ilana Amrani-Cohen | 617-284-5130
• Meeting Place: Howard Yaffe | 617-354-2275
• High Risk Assessment and Response: Ilana Amrani-Cohen | 617-284-5130
Care Coordination Services
• Community Service Agency (CSA): Allison Clark | 617-702-5766
• Family Networks: Erica Siegel | 617-520-8700

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