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Google Analytics

Google analytics is all about tracking the traffic that travels through a website.  When we launched Riverside’s new website a year and half ago, I had no idea what type of traffic to expect.  After our first full month, we had roughly 5000 unique visitors, (and I was pretty impressed), and I’ve watched that number slowly rise, and sometimes slide back a bit, every month.  So you can imagine how thrilled I was when our March analytics showed over 8000 unique visits.  That’s 8000 people who visited our website for the first time to learn about us!  Additionally our unique page visits (meaning the total number of pages visited for the month with duplicate visits subtracted out of the number) came to 33,544…higher than any past month. The traffic coming through our website is amazing – it means more people are finding Riverside every day!  Not as glamorous, but just as exciting (at least to me), it also increases our ability to show up on page 1 of a google search; which is critical when people are searching for our services.


Guest Blogger – Marjie McDaniel, Associate Director of Marketing

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