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Crossroads Clubhouse Website Launch

I am very pleased to share that we have launched our new and improved Clubhouse website for Riverside’s Crossroads Clubhouse! Much more than a program or a service, the Clubhouse model provides members with the opportunity to be part of a successful community that is both restorative and supportive. It serves as an employment and recovery center offering people with mental health conditions a place to gain access to opportunities for employment, connections with their community, education, and friendships.

Crossroads is located in a great house in Hopedale. Built on peer support and rehabilitation, we believe that each member can recover from the effects of mental illness and lead satisfying, productive lives.

At our Clubhouses you’ll find a group of unique individuals with a wide variety of talents and strengths that really make the building come alive. Focused around what we call a “Work-Ordered Day,” members and staff work together to accomplish the daily tasks and overarching goals of the Clubhouse every day and over time. For many members this is often a first step in returning to paid employment.

Regardless of previous work experience, members can strengthen their skills, work toward securing long-term employment, and ultimately achieve greater independence. Our Clubhouses also offer housing assistance, Dual Recovery Anonymous meetings, education supports, activities that support healthy lifestyles, and social opportunities.

Don’t miss out on great events such as the Annual Pancake Breakfast at Crossroads Clubhouse. Stay in touch with this incredible program on their new website and on their Facebook page. We will be launching websites for our three other Clubhouses in Needham, Norwood, and Wakefield as well— stay tuned!

~Scott M. Bock, Founder and President/CEO

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