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Advocacy Works!

On May 5th, the Collaborative, the group composed of four trade organizations that represent community-based healthcare and human services, reached agreement with the Commonwealth to ensure fair and adequate rates for state contracts.  The Baker Administration worked hard with the Collaborative to find a fair resolution following January’s Superior Court ruling in our favor – that the State has to abide by Chapter 257 (the contract reform law).  We will now have reviews every other year of the rates we are paid to deliver certain contracted services.

Last year, rates for many of our Developmental Disability Services were increased, leading to better pay for staff as well as more funds to cover transportation, building costs, etc.  Moving into next year our Community Based Flexible Support Programs will receive modest increases and a few other programs will see smaller increases as the Baker Administration works through the many contracts that require rate relief.

Every rate that is addressed means Riverside gets closer to our goal of better salaries, benefits, buildings, etc.  I want to thank all of our employees who have advocated with us for their great work and their help getting this far.

~Marsha Medalie, Executive Vice President/COO

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