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The Connect2Recovery Team

Connect2Recovery is a person-centered, strengths-based program that puts the person in recovery from substance addiction and mental health disorders in the lead.  We believe that each individual has a unique path to recovery, and we use a supportive approach to help achieve wellness in all areas of life, as defined by the individual in recovery.  Our Recovery Support Navigators are case managers who will help navigate barriers to recovery.  They help connect members to resources for a healthy balanced life.  Recovery Coaches are peers with personal lived experience, who have been trained to compassionately support a person in recovery.  They are culturally sensitive advocates and role models who helps members make positive life choices and develop recovery-friendly social relationships.

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Please call 781-234-1650 or email Connect2Recovery@riversidecc.org to reach us.


Connect2Recovery Staff

Alan Meister, Program Director

I have over 20 years experience in the field of substance use treatment, with the last five specifically supervising peers and training recovery coaches.  My passion is to have a staff that treats each person as an individual, with dignity and respect, and works to assist those individuals to embrace an independent and healthy recovery.

Brianna Bowering, Recovery Coach

As someone in long-term recovery, I have seen how hard it can be to reach the help needed to achieve recovery goals. I believe in meeting people where they are, and treating them with the same respect that I would hope to experience. When we take people as they are, without judgement, and work with them to achieve their goals, we help combat the harmful stigma of addiction that perpetuates destructive cycles.

Brooke Burgess, Recovery Coach

Being in recovery, it is my turn to give back and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have the opportunity here with Riverside Community Care.  I believe that community and peer support is crucial to recovery.  I am here to motivate and encourage a recoveree to try new things in a safe and supportive environment, and to be comfortable in the uncomfortable and to ‘be scared, but do it anyway.”

Jamie Ghazarian, Recovery Support Navigator

I am a person in long-term recovery from opiates.  With the whole world in the grips of a pandemic, I felt the sense of urgency to help people.  It’s time to break the stigma.  Freedom from active addiction is possible.  And there are multiple pathways one can take to get there.  I believe this disease is physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional and must be looked at from all angles with each individual person.

Jeff Gilbride, Recovery Coach

As a Recovery Coach my style involves an open-minded curiosity concerning alternative methods of recovery, based on my lived experience and beliefs. Alcohol, substance use, anxiety, depression and focus are areas of interest. Helping others is a way of helping myself and hopefully making the world a better place, one person at a time.

Roger Good, Recovery Coach

I have tremendous respect and compassion for those we work with. My focus is on substance use recovery and those who experience obsessive/compulsive behaviors like gambling. Every individual is different, and we believe that through a collaborative effort we can personalize a wellness plan for everyone.  It takes courage and commitment to enter recovery.  However, there is joy when sharing in the outcome. It allows all seeking long-term recovery “to live their best life.”

Lewis Howe, Recovery Support Navigator

I was motivated to pursue a career in the recovery field by the dozens of folks who helped me during my early stages of recovery.  I remember how I felt when interacting with case workers, and what I was hoping to achieve.  My focus is on the needs of the people I’m serving,  and making my work with them as beneficial as possible.  I have a special affinity for helping those with alcohol problems, and letting them know that the place where you are today is not your destiny.”

Siri Brahma Khalsa, Recovery Support Navigator

I have been in recovery for more than 25 years. My passion is guiding and inspiring individuals on the path to their own recovery. I am a Yogini who believes that a holistic approach to recovery is most effective. Each aspect of ourselves needs to be whole if we are to build a strong foundation in recovery. We can heal and become our best selves.

Christine LeSan, Recovery Support Navigator

I have experience working with adults who have mental illness and substance use disorders. As a friend and ally of recovery I want to help people get connected to resources that can provide additional support and guidance throughout one’s journey.  I have learned to meet people where they are at, as the journey looks different for everyone.

John Pike,  Recovery Support Navigator

I have a passion for helping others find the pathway to recovery that works best for them by creating a nonjudgmental space. Being in recovery with personal experiences of substance use, relapse, and recovery, I believe that helping someone find the supports that they need to maintain self-sustained long-term recovery in a trusting supportive environment is important to creating a solid foundation for their recovery.

Rebecca Tobin, Recovery Support Navigator

My lived experience with substance use disorder is through watching and helping those close to me who struggle with substance use.  I want to see a change in how people see those who struggle with addiction and to help how they see themselves.  I have experience in mental health as well as substance use, and love working with adolescents and young adults.

Megan Trask, Recovery Coach

As a person in recovery, I utilize my lived experience to assist those struggling with substance use disorder.  I believe there are multiple ways to obtain or maintain recovery; what works for some may not work for others – and that’s OK!  I always strive to connect with individuals and establish trusting relationships so they can learn to lead more stable, sober and productive lives.

Alyse Walsh, Recovery Coach

As a person in long-term recovery, I have the lived experience, compassion, and understanding that are needed to help anyone struggling with substance use and mental health concerns. I believe my role as a recovery coach is to “walk the journey” with my recoveree and support which ever path they choose. Recovery is NOT one-size-fits-all!

Katie Wentworth, Administrative Assistant

I like being behind the scenes as a support to the important work our Recovery Support Navigators and Recovery Coaches are doing.  I see myself as the first contact to make a personal and friendly connection with people who are seeking services.